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09:16 - 13/03/2012

Fanny and The Coat

Fanny is wearing an outfit from Rodebjer’s S/S 2012 collection. Rodebjer has definitely impressed us all since some seasons ago and I have been wondering what suddenly changed. Probably it was time for everybody to understand what a great designer Carin Rodebjer really is. She is true, creative and has her own style. That’s what my mum told me today as well. After the show in August 2011, when I saw the spring collection for the first time, I got the pleasure to speak with Carin. If you know Swedish, you can read the interview here.

This is how Rodebjer describes the collection:

”For the Rodebjer Spring / Summer 2012 collection, we imagine an artist frantically mixing life and work under the blazing sun of the Mediterranean coast.

We picture the moment of intense presence, when everything is connected, when life feeds art, art feeds life and something unique, yet wholly natural, is born.

The color palette is based on artists’ materials, such as canvas and clay, with splashes of bright paint. The range moved from raw nude leather, and unbleached canvas to sunny yellow, bright vermillion and intense ultramarine blue. Counterbalancing the earthy and the brilliant colors there is also crisp white, classic navy blue, charcoal grey and faded black.

The collection is rich in textures. Powder puff fluffiness combined with raw canvas and sleek swimsuit nylon. Rich, bright velvet mixed with crisp, cool viscose and smooth leather, bouclé crepe alongside honeycomb heavy knit and soft, striped denim.

The collection captures a sharp and natural elegance. ”

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Melbournetime- 13 March, 2012 at 11:58
That coat is amazing! Colour and cut is just stunning. And the styling, with that simple dress under is fab. Rodebjer has been a name in Sweden for a while, but as you said, not until a few years ago she really became knowned for how great she actually is.