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11:44 - 08/03/2012

Evelina and the car

Yesterday when I read that a train was pulling into the Louis Vuitton show, I knew that this would probably become the show of this season. Because in the end, it is not only about the clothes and collection you show, but also the little extra you give to the audience. The experience.

This season we have seen cars in the campaigns and fashion editorials, haven’t you noticed? Next fall it is time to change the vehicle to an old-fashioned train.

Does it have anything to do with what is shown at the cinemas? When Prada showed her spring collection 2012 with all the printed cars, the movie Drive by Nicolas Winding Refn just had its premiere. And this time, when Louis Vuitton is building a train station as their scene for the fashion show, it is time for the premiere of the movie Hugo (about an orphan who lives at a train station). Is it a coincidence or a conscious choice?

Evelina is wearing a blue shirt from InWear’s spring collection.

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Carolinas Couture- 8 March, 2012 at 02:04
I agree it's important to have an interesting show. But the audience always remembers the garments better if they were more spectacular than the show.
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