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09:35 - 06/03/2012

Can a brand get too much attention?

Taylor Tomasi-Hill in Milan.

When it comes to fashion I have a problem, which I think most fashion enthusiasts share with me. I get very picky about what I like in a specific season, which is good, but sometimes it can almost make me obsessed about a certain brand or piece.

The result of this obsession makes me loose my interest very quickly. I am not alone about this. I think this phenomenon has become more common in the fashion industry since we started to share the latest fashion news in a fast way through Internet and social media.

We don’t only receive the information about the latest and coolest handbag directly, but we are also almost forced to see the same one over and over again. It follows us through our search for the perfect wardrobe.

Two brands that have been mentioned many times in every magazine and blog during the past seasons are Isabel Marant and Céline. I guess that Phoebe Philo’s return and the fact that every Vogue Paris editor is wearing Isabel Marant boots, have turned the brands into two successful businesses. But lately I have been questioning if it is valuable – in the long run – for an exclusive brand to be seen everywhere.

I have been wondering if the success and increased sales for a specific period is beneficial when the customer gets tired of your product. What will happen when a buzz suddenly ends as a result of exaggerated exposure? If the brand, in worst case, becomes “unfashionable” – was it worth it to be on the top of the mountain? How are the brands dealing with these problems when “the golden era” is ending?

I think that Lanvin has kept the balance between being on “everybody’s wish list” without becoming too accessible. Tom Ford probably had this thought in mind when he kept his fashion show open exclusively to some chosen editors and guests.

Even if Céline’s official reason to why they decided to have two smaller, more intimate presentations was Phoebe Philo’s pregnancy, I think they succeeded once again to create a buzz and a feeling of mystery.

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Halie- 7 March, 2012 at 12:47
So nice and interesting topic Anna! I really value your opinions - and comments. Keep it up!
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