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10:34 - 15/01/2012

Eyal and Sahar Part Two

Acne’s creative director Jonny Johansson won the prize ”Swedish Designer of the Year” during the Elle gala two days ago. During the press conference the same morning, the journalists got the chance to ask questions to all the winners (The Stylist of the Year, The Photographer of the Year, the Model of the Year and so on)– but I was of course only interested in interviewing Jonny. We talked about Acne’s change, development and progress and how appreciated the brand has become by people around the world. I will try to summarize and publish the conversation soon.

Eyal was wearing an Acne sweater when I met him and Sahar in Tel Aviv. But I wanted to know what inspired these two fashion enthusiast except from Acne and what people, magazine and blogs you can read about on their blog. They answered me: Raf Simons, Fantastic Man, 032C, The Travel Almanac, Gleen O’brien, Andy Spade, Angelo Flaccavento, Closeup and private, Mister Mort, Salvage Yard, Fffound, Très Bien Shop and APC.

What inspires you?

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