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05:51 - 30/06/2011
Bikini by Anya Fleet

I met Anya Fleet in the beginning of my stay in Tel Aviv. Two days ago I got the chance to get a better look at her beautiful summer collection. We took the pictures at Bar’s place, in an amazing apartment in the south of Tel Aviv. I will show you more soon!

10:30 - 29/06/2011
Scuba diving by Rhus Ovata

My friend Aviva Neuman has made a movie named “I found you first” starring Michal, who you have seen frequently on this blog. The movie takes place in Tel Aviv and was filmed at some of our favorite spots like Neve Tzedek, the garden of resturant Radio Rosco and Allenby. You also get a view of the campus of Tel Aviv University, where I have been studying these past months. Watch the movie here.

After looking through and analyzing the new resort collections, I think surf- and scuba diving is an important inspiration for many designers these coming seasons. Scuba-inspired blouses and dresses that look like wetsuits, will become a big trend. The top by Rhus Ovata, that Michal is wearing on this picture, is a perfect example.

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10:17 - 28/06/2011
Green from Boutique 5

For Einat Schreiber it is important to sell clothes in her store, Boutique 5, that fits and flatters her customers. It should also fit the Israeli climate and culture. For this summer she recommends that we all should have maxi skirts and dresses and combine soft pants with oversized tops.

07:47 - 27/06/2011

This editorial reminded me of a photo that I took of Anna Dello Russo during the Milano Fashion Week last year.

I am still in love with this sweather by Isabel Marant.

That shade of purple.

When I see these sunglasses I realise how boring I am with my Wayfarers and Persols.

That volume.

A purple shirt with red lipstick.

Jamie Bochert’s hat.

Lara Stone in a purple fur jacket next to Alexander Skarsgård for Vogue US.

Mr. Rabensteiner and Mr. Flaccavento.

Lara Stone again in petrol blue for Self Service.

Anna Dello Russo is wearing a long strapless dress during Men’s fashion week in Milano.

I saw the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris, a couple of days ago. It is probably one of the best movies I have seen.

The knitted tie in mustard.

Combine light blue, purple and red with accessories in gold.

This sweater in neon yellow, cerise, green, red and blue.

Choose a pair of heels in a strong color.

10:23 - 26/06/2011
Blue by Tamar Kirshberg

Tamar Kirshberg sent me a e-mail where she decribed her design:

“When I think about designing a garment, the first thing that guides me is that it has to be flattering and comfortable. When I design my casual collection it’s important for me that the garment will be timeless and not trendy and that women will be able to wear it season after season and still be right. My casual collection is characterized by clean lines, and the twist of the garment is brought in by special details like buttons or velvets and by different patterns I was playing with. The line of my wedding dresses is where I let my imagination and creativity to go wild. My wedding gowns collection is unconventional; the first thing that is obvious is the colorfulness, from off-white and cream color to the pinkish colors.The pattern of the dresses is cut in special ways that flatter and follow the curve of the body. The fabrics that I choose to work with usually are silk and French velvet which give a special aroma to the dress on the first sight. On every dress there are handiworks of velvet and special applications that are sewed with a lot of thought and love”.

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